Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lauren's Princess Plum Blossom

Lauren sent me this photo and gave me permission to post it in my blog.  This is "Princess Plum Blossom" that she made using my Chibi Kokeshi Pattern.  Isn't it darling?  When I saw it I knew I wanted to share it. 

Lauren says   "I’m not usually a very fast crocheter, but as it happens my back was completely OUT over the weekend, and I wound up with a big chunk of “down time”... most of the crocheting was actually done whilst laying on my living room floor!!! I thought you might like to use that...“these patterns can be made horizontally” LOL!"

Thank you for for sharing Lauren!


  1. miss susan, you are VERY welcome, indeed! you & princess plum blossom really saved me from bad back self pity last weekend... i mean *WHO* could be bummed out when faced with this uber-level of ♥CUUUUUTE♥, right?!

    ps: in addition to being a fab finished product, i really liked your pattern which was totally clear and easy to follow! (i'm not always GREAT at following written instructions--i tend to be a "visual learner"-- so i am an excellent test of whether something is straightforward!!!) :) :) :)

  2. Pure Lauren cuteness ... love it.

  3. I just HAD to pop over here because that sweet Princess lives at my house...I absolutely ADORE her:) Lauren is thee bestest!