Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How many is too many cats?

I just finished making this big litter of cat heads in different colors. They are cute hanging on your keychain, backpack zipper pulls, cell phones or can even be made into pins or magnets. Or, you can use them for juggling.

Here's a free pattern for them:

Juggling Cats

You need:
Lily Sugar and Cream in colors of your choice.
“G” crochet hook
Polyfiber stuffing
Optional craft eyes (6 mm)
Yarn needle

Using white yarn color for face:
Make magic ring*, ch 1
Round 1: sc 6 into a magic ring, pull tight.
Round 2: sc 2 into each sc around (12 sc)

Change to yarn color for body:
Round 3: (sc 1 into next sc, then sc 2 into next), around (18 sc)
Round 4: (sc 1 into next 2 sc, then sc 2 into next) around (24 sc)
Rounds 5 to 9: sc around (24 sc)

If you are using plastic safety eyes, place them now.
Round 10: (sc 1 into next 2 sc, sc2tog) around (18)
Round 11 (sc 1 into next sc, sc2tog) around (12 sc)
Stuff with polyfiber.

Round 12: (sc2tog) around (6 sc)
Join with sl st to next st. Fasten off, pull tight to close and hide yarn end.

Ear - (make 2):
Make magic ring, ch 1
Round 1: 4 sc in magic ring (4 st)
Round 2: (sc 1 into next sc, sc 2 into next sc) twice (6 st)
Round 3: (sc 1 into next sc, sc 2 into next sc) three times (9 st)
Join with sl st to next st. Fasten off, leaving long end of yarn.

Ch 12
2 Sc into 2nd ch from hook, 2 sc into each ch until end
Fasten off, leaving long end of yarn.


Sew ears on top of face. Sew tail on back of body. Embroider some whiskers…and play!

* Don't know how to make a magic ring? Do a search on YouTube to see a demo...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sanrio Piano Time

Okay, the sun is up so I took my Sanrio family out to the piano. I actually use this room as my studio so it's got balls of yarn around everywhere. As you can see, Charmmy Kitty is huge! She's about 12 inches tall and the biggest amigurumi project I've ever made. She took me 3 days to make. In case you don't know, Charmmy Kitty is Hello Kitty's pet. (It seems a little weird to me for a cat to have a pet cat, but okay.) The rabbit with the pink hoodie is My Melody and the colorful rabbit with the stick like body is Usahana. Of course, there's Hello Kitty herself and I made a black Hello Kitty with a pink strawberry body.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello Kitty Strawberry!

I thought I'd try making some Hello Kittys for a change. I found a cute book of Hello Kitty amigurumi and am giving it a go. The first one I made was Strawberry Hello Kitty. It looked small in the photo, but when I made it, it came out quite large. It measures 10 inches tall. I liked how this Strawberry Hello Kitty came out so I also made a black one with a pink strawberry, a very large Charmmy Kitty, an Usahana and a My Melody. Later, I'll have to take a photo of this group, but they are too big for my photo box, so I need to do it later when the sun comes up. Okay, back to making more Hello Kitty...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cactus Kokeshi Dolls

Is it just me or is cactus really popular right now? I see cactus gardens popping up all over. I saw some really cute cactus plushes and decided what the heck, why not make a cactus kokeshi doll. So I did, and here is the result.

Then people started asking for a pattern, so I wrote one up.

Hmmm...cactus. I really should start my own cactus garden outside too...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Big Max, a dog

I made this pup, and thought long and hard for a name for him. Finally, I settled on Max...well BIG MAX, because someday he's going to grow up to be a big dog. At least that's the way he thinks and feels. He already thinks he's the alpha dog in the pack.

So I wrote up a pattern for him because I bet there are a lot of people who have their own Big Max's at home and want to crochet up a dog just like him.

Check out this little Rottie, who also expects to grow up big...